Low budget wedding can be equally memorable and unique.

low budget wedding

Low budget wedding can save you thousands and yet it is memorable and personal. Your best day of your life will be even better if you are able to use the savings from your wedding as the down payment for your new home. What are these low budget wedding secrets ?

First of all, both of you have to choose exactly what are the must have items for your wedding. You then determine an estimated entire wedding budget that you both have enough money for.

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Low Budget Wedding Tips 

    • You can easily hire and  decide not to purchase outfits especially for flower girls. Do the wedding invitations and cakes yourself or get them at a discount from the online offers. Borrow your friend’s car rather than renting a limousine. Check out if you might have family and friends or household members who’re photographers and musical artists.
    • Based upon Australian Bureau of Statistics figures, a typical wedding price of $28,000 has not changed in the last five years. Studies indicate that couples are looking at what is important in their mind instead of simply giving a major marriage celebration. Thus a low budget wedding has gained its popularity with the young couples.
    • A lot of  bride-to-be  rather spend money on honeymoon instead of creating a big wedding dinner. They will purchase their wedding dresses from department stores or via the internet at a discount. Most decide upon something they can use it in the future.
    • Invite  only close friends and family members to cut back costs.
    • Young couples at this moment prefer superior quality and not number. 
    • A marriage ceremony photography package can easily amount to far more than $3000. Your friends and family can become your wedding and reception photographer as an alternative.
    • You will have to pay  a higher price for your honeymoon suite which come with extra chocolates. Go for a normal suite that is more affordable.

How to reduce WEDDING RECEPTION Expense

Following are low budget wedding tips related to the wedding reception:

    • Check if the venue provides you with kids’ menu at a cheaper rate when you have to invite your family’s little ones.
    • Put a control on the number of alcoholic drinks offered. Guests should purchase his or her alcoholic beverages following that.
    • The Wedding cake can be costly. You can actually make the decision to make your cake or obtain a cheap wedding cake over the internet.

Discover how to save more than 67%  while you plan for your Dream Wedding

Other low budget wedding COST SAVING Suggestions

    • Opt for wedding floral arrangement that is in season.
    • Purchase cheaper wedding rings at wholesalers or online at a discount.
    • Get married in a local hall, at a church or outdoors along with a celebrant.
    • You’ll save both money and time through the wedding planning checklist and also be your very own wedding planner
    • Choose a cheap wedding package from the internet.
    • Select the background music you’d like and search for friends or family who are able to function as a music performer or hire a Disk jockey.
    • Request a fellow worker or a member of the family which may help you along with your hair and makeup.

Using any of the cost suggestions and tips will help to reduce your wedding expenses.  You will feel that you do not need to give up anything to have your dream wedding . Isn’t that wonderful !

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Discover how to save more than 67%  while you plan for your Dream Wedding